Fixer in Germany Journalistic Project

Why a fixer in Germany?

A fixer in Germany can help you improving your story. Germany is a huge country, not only regarding to its quantitiy of inhabitants, but also regarding to its influence on economy and policy worldwide. But besides Angela Merkel and Oktoberfest, millions of stories wait to be told – especially in the rural area, in hidden circles of political activists, amongst various social groups. Find the stories off the tracks!

Journalism aide: Your project starts here

You are searching for a fixer in Germany for your journalistic investigation or project? Someone with profund knowledge of regional topics, habits and organizational questions? You need someone to support you with organizational or thematic issues during your investigation?

Well, here I am.

About me: Profound knowledge all over Germany

My name is Fabian, multimedia journalist and reporter. I write feature stories for germanwide magazines and newspapers, like DIE ZEIT, TAZ.DIE TAGESZEITUNG or STUTTGARTER ZEITUNG. You can see my portfolio here.

In addition, I produce multimedia content for visual storytelling tools and multimedia features for online publishing. You will find a summary of my multimedia work here and an overview on videojournalistic projects here.

I grew up in a village in the center of Germany. I have lived in six cities in Germany and have worked in almost every region of the country already. I am not an expat, I understand and speak various German dialects and thus can build up contact to protagonists directly. My background is your advantage.

During several journeys and projects all over the world (especially Southern America, Africa and Eastern Europe) I gained experience in working with people from different cultures, being accompanied by translators and also being dependent on the work of fixers.

Since that, I professionalized this experience to offer a professional service for journalists, who want to realize a project in Germany.

Fixer in Germany: What I can offer you

My work starts with your idea. No matter which topic, no matter which region in Germany: Your idea is my starting point to support you.

I can help you building up contacts to protagonists. I know where to find useful information (data, laws, research in local newspapers). I will help you to find a cheap hotel, a ride to your destination and ways to work on your topic.

Fixer in Germany and journalism aide – Advantages in a nutshell

Flexible and reliable
Profound knowledge of journalistic workflows
Broad network of protagonists and contact persons
Takes you to persons and places nobody else will see
Social skills and awarness
Cost effective

Further information on fixer jobs for journalism aide in general

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